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How to Increase Your Clients’ Online Visibility with Social Media

There have been countless ways that a brand’s social media pages can be optimized to gain online visibility and organic traffic. Despite the fact that optimized social media accounts are one among the numerous factors to achieve successful campaigns, it’s difficult to happen.

This blog is a comprehensive guide to make effective social media strategy to optimize social media for your clients and how you can include these strategies to gain more searches for your client's business — and from this, catching many eyeballs, hence gaining the online presence.

Does Social Media Posting Really Increase Online Visibility?

To get something directly from the start, social media doesn't directly impact your client's rankings. But with the holistic approach in digital marketing, social media can be helpful to raise brand visibility and website clicks.

First you need to understand what you want to achieve by linking the social media activity with online presence. There are few listed below:

  • More website clicks - to increase lead

  • More online searches for the brand - to increase lead

  • More shares to reach to wider audience - to increase lead

  • More information to analyze social interactions

Do what works for the client’s business and increase lead opportunities.

Also, behind these points to get ticked, you need… Quality content.

How Does Social Media Help in Increasing Clients' Online Visibility?

Having a strong online presence has various advantages for a brand.

  • Social media helps to reach hundreds of people with just a post, and a considerable lot of them might be keen on your products and services and they might end up being your customers. These social platforms are a great way to know your target audience, which can assist you to reach your potential customers more effectively in next campaigns.

  • Social media, a virtual space where you can advertise your products at a lower cost than the traditional ways such as television and radio or newspapers. Moreover, advertisements on social media can have a worldwide reach and in this way, your business image can be known internationally.

  • Social media provides a communication bridge between the businesses’ and its customers. The business can easily communicate about its new launches, policies or assist its customers in shopping experience. Hence, it's a great way to gain trust of the customers.

But with such huge benefits, many businesses are not working on their social media presence as it costs a team to curate, create, execute and analyze content. But there are many free social media posting designs and social media posting templates available online.

Which Social Media Platforms Are the Best for SEO to Gain Online Visibility?

Which social media channel does your client presently use? Mainly all the social media channels can assist with online brand awareness. The best answer should be the channel that will assist your client to target its potential customers better.

Every online media works somewhat diversely with regards to empowering clicks and shares, but with effective social media marketing strategy you can wisely increase your client’s online visibility.

How to Optimize Social Media?

  • LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, there are a couple of areas on your profile and your organization page that are prepared for SEO — not only for the platform but also for the general search as well. the stage, yet with search overall. Filling all the information in the About section is a great start to optimize your LinkedIn account.

Headline — Personal Profile

In the headline, use keywords that best describe your clients’ business. Many people write about their achievements and certifications etc. What are your clients searching for concerning your products and services?

Summary Section

The 2600 character limit in the summary section gives a space to tell your connections about who you are, what you do and what you do etc. You can add keywords that your customers might be using to find your services or products.

Experience Section

The Experience section on your Linkedin profile is another space where you can optimize with search engine optimization (SEO). You can write about your clients’ businesses and what services they provide. The space with 2000 characters is enough to showcase your expertise and lure potential customers to your services/ products.


Facebook's About segment on a company page is another space we see that is frequently under-populated for most organizations. Ensure you have however many of the About segments finished up as could be allowed. There is likewise an enormous summary area here where you can amount to 50,000 characters! Once more use keywords that your clients are probably going to use to track down your services and products.

Strategies to Gain Visibility on Social Media

To increase online visibility on such social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, following a strategy is fundamental. It's really not necessary to focus on making a lot of content, it is tied in with doing it in a cautious and studied manner. Here are the keys to gain online visibility on social media channels:

  • Quality Content

To have a successful profile on any social media network such as Facebook, Instagram is to make quality content. This implies that you need to deal with both the texts and the photos, pictures or videos.

Share blogs, reports, customer reviews of your products and services etc. The more unique the content is, the more the web crawlers like it, and, ideally, the readers. All content posted on any social media platforms should be valuable, fascinating, or eye-catchy content to the users.

  • Easy to Share

Add Share buttons to all of the above on your website. Urge readers to like and share your posts.

  • Keep digital platforms updated

Like a houseplant, a social media page looks extremely lovely to begin with however will rapidly wilt and pass if you don’t water it regularly.In this digital world, keep posting regularly. And there are chances when you have nothing to post? Nonsense! There is always something to post, even if it’s just a picture of the office cat. It might get you more engagement than a much researched blog.

  • Don’t forget ORM

So significant. A post isn't static, and it's not "task finished" after you hit post. Ensure that someone from the team keeps responding to peoples’ queries and comments. This causes the organization to appear to be really drawn in with its clients. Furthermore, harm limitations from any trolls

  • Call To Actions

We realize we don't have to let you know this. All content needs a CTA, regardless of whether it's a basic as buy now, Click to know etc.

Simple way to check if your social media strategy marketing is working or not

All the digital spaces have an insights or analytics feature that you can use to quantify the consideration your socials are getting. You can likewise investigate online engagement tools, which you can download and use to create a wide range of invigorating tables and charts. You can analyze the online platforms and site details to see the impact the former has on the latter. Is content bringing the customers’ clicks? Keep in mind, green is really great for all platforms and SEO measures!

You can use social media strategically and effectively to gain online visibility of your clients’ businesses. And if you want to learn then look up to the courses for online marketing to get great insights .

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