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In the era where every business is inter-connected, 9 o’clock media establishes strategic communication between the brands and their public. We focused on building traction for businesses in both traditional and digital. 


Top Media Houses on board

Our Network Boasts Over 100+ Leading Media Houses for Unmatched Publication Reach and Impact. With a diverse range of trusted partners spanning print, digital, and broadcast mediums, our platform ensures your message reaches a wide and engaged audience. Whether you're looking to promote your brand, share your story, or drive sales, our network of top-tier media outlets provides unparalleled exposure and credibility.


What are the tools 9 o'clock media use?

Our tools include:

Press Releases are written documents that contain all the necessary information about the product or service. It a well-written to catch the media’s attention.


Crisis Management is dealt with by our agency carefully. Responding to the negative information or accusation on time. We follow 3 C’s to build the credibility of the brand - Competent, Confident and Compassionate. 


To draw attention, 9 o’clock media organises events like conferences, seminars, contests, sponsorships in various cultural or sports events. These are arranged for public outpace and media relations. 


With real-time activities on social media, PR has become stronger in communication. Social Media promotion is one of the other tools we use. 


Online Reputation Management: Whether your brand is on social media or any other digital platform, with prompt and effective responses we keep the brand’s audience well-informed. 



Being among the best PR agencies in Delhi, 9 o'clock media aims to create a positive image of your brand and to help you in maintaining a good relationship with media personnel and your consumers. 


Your quest for the best Ad and PR Service in Delhi ends here. Email us to get a quote. 

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What is advertising?

Product advertising is a significant first phase in a product lifecycle. It gives an introduction of the product to its potential users and brings out the brand name to the world. 


Advertising helps in creating demand for the product. Once the product is in the market, it helps to educate the consumers about the product and effective advertisement can potentially drive sales.


Digital advertisements have made it possible for advertisers to advertise an ad in a targeted area. And the advertisers now can easily control and track the conversion with a click of a button. 

Advertising helps to set your product against your competitors on a public platform. As a feature of aggressive marketing, promoting next to your competitors can big a huge success quickly. 

Find the right Advertising and PR agency in Delhi as per your business goals and get creative solutions to your business problems. 


What is the difference between 
Public Relation & Advertising?

Public Relations and Advertising build brand awareness and bridge the communication between organizations and their target audience. 


And one of the basic differences between the two is that advertising is a paid form whereas public relations is earned through information provided to media in the form of press releases. Advertising is an expensive form of marketing that guarantees placement and the brand has complete creative control but PR is earned, so it’s less expensive and media has control over the final version. 


Both of them have their benefits, based on your budget and goals, we, AD & PR Agency can help to make your choice.

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