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How Dominos Gained 43,000 Followers In 6 Hours!

Dominos India gained 43,000 followers in just 6 hours. That’s insane!

We love Domino's pizza! But how did they gain such insane numbers in a day?

So many hows and whys?

There are so many hows and whys behind this heist. Keep reading this blog in the marketing strategy guide to find your answer.

Marketing Strategy for Dominos 43,000 followers campaign

Pizza! That’s everyone's favorite.Pizza can procure you an amazing number of followers and spike social engagement as well. Dominos India sorted out the ideal recipe for gaining 43,000 followers on instagram in a day. The dominos campaign demonstrated the genuine power of giveaways and placed a different perspective on how you can use your products and brands and use your social media followers to gain attention and recognition.

Read the blog to know the brand strategy of dominos and what strategic approach they use and to mull over things you can execute for your brand's socials to pull off such a great campaign.

Roadmap to such a heist

Step 1: Grab the eyeballs

First was to grab the attention of social media users and then details of the contest were revealed. The challenge was advertised as the festival of the opening of their 1500th store in India on the first of February 2022 when they were going to offer 1500 pizzas to their social media followers.

Dominos offered pizzas in a clump of 250 each which is a tiny sample size considering the 400k followers they as of now have however when you see 1500 free pizzas, it seems like a high likelihood of getting the code and that is the thing any campaign needs to achieve success.

The call for the massive celebration leads to the massive campaign. Domino’s pizza facilitated a exclusive private get-together on their Instagram and made it incredibly desired by offering 1500 pizzas to their followers, consequently letting all the lovers to #RaiseASliceTo1500.

Step 2: Anticipate and place your cards strategically

Presently everyone realizes that there will be some buzzkill in the comments who will answer the quiz but the marketing peeps did the savvy thing by keeping the example size of every coupon code so little (250 uses) that it gets utilized around its breaking point before any buzzkill answer in the comment section.

The Dominos India account was made private for the term of the contest and sagaciously promoted as a private pizza party! This move requires persistent checking of the social media in order to acknowledge follow requests effectively and boost the interest of individuals who find the campaign on the said D-Day which was done faultlessly.

The riddles that were utilized to encode the coupon codes were a perfect proportion of monotonous to entice the audience yet additionally not drawn-out to the point of making them to give up since when you hang the suggestion of free pizza, no one will back down(unless the work required is more than the compensation being referred to).

People who were able to claim the free pizza posted instagram stories about it which absolutely created a domino effect (sorrynotsorry) into influencing their friends or instagram followers to participate in the contest for the following round and that could have been responsible for an overwhelming participation.

Dominos continues to run coupon code giveaways to keep the new followers boosted to continue to follow the dominos account after the campaign as well.

Step 3: Word out about the Domino’s Pizza Campaign

Numerous Influencers posted Instagram stories about how you can get free pizzas by following dominos and taking part in the contest that will be posted on the D-Day (1st February) which was a seriously huge resource to contact new followers and what better inspiration to change over these supporters than free pizza?

Step 4: Duration matters

Tumult isn't turbulent assuming you have an adequate number of assets to oversee it. A very dynamic ORM team is expected to be conveyed for the term of the campaign to effectively acknowledge the follow requests of the tremendous numbers of followers that will be coming in and furthermore to answer their inquiries as well as engage with a couple of intriguing comments.

On the whole, the brand strategy was effective and was a huge and successful campaign. The response from the social media users were tremendous and able to garner 43, 264 followers and 6,03,445 engagement in just 6 hours.

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