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Most interesting Brand Advertisement Wars of All Time

Brands, these days, include a ton of rivalry. Purchasers purchase the brand first and the product later. Brands, thus, spend a colossal sum on promoting themselves as a preferable player over others. This frequently prompts a brand war which as a rule incorporates brand utilizing strategies like ambush marketing, viral marketing, brand wars, evangelism marketing, and so on.

The majority of these campaigns by brands roasting their competitive brands are frivolous.

  • Pepsi and Coca Cola

Pepsi and Coca-Cola are among the competitive brands that always stay at the front of brand wars. They know the significance of one another and the competition, yet they emerge with truly thrilling and clever ads against one another.

One of their ad campaigns is linked below. The concept is basic. A boy gets up to a candy machine, takes out two jars of coke, puts them on the ground, and stands on them so he can snatch the Pepsi that he truly cared about.

  • McDonald’s vs Burger King

Another famous brand war is between McDonald’s and Burger King. Both the fast food chains are known for their burgers and in past have delivered some amazing advertisement content.

McDonald's and Burger King are famous for their burgers and other fast food things. In any case, McD, on account of its more noteworthy presence, has an advantage over Burger King. This USP of McDonald's was exhibited in one of their promotions in France where they put a

directional Billboard of Burger King being 258 KMs ahead and McD being only 5 KMs ahead.

However, Burger King thought of an answer and involved the same ad to their own benefit.

In 1982, Burger King sent off an advertisement featuring a 4-year-old girl that got down on McDonald's by name and guaranteed the chain's burgers were 20% smaller than those of Burger King. This advertisement was the first — yet surely not the last — for the business, and brought about McDonald's suing Burger King and organization J. Walter Thompson for what it depicted as a "bogus, tricky, deriding, uncalled for and misdirecting" advertisement.

Microsoft vs Google Chrome

Google Chrome, being an omnipresent browser and being a piece of the Google family, has an edge over Microsoft edge and different programs like firefox and opera. The equivalent was portrayed in an advertisement sent off by chrome.

But Microsoft clearly uses the same digital advertisement to publicize against chrome/google's promoting strategies.

Samsung vs Apple Everybody knows about the continuous brand battle between Apple and Samsung. One of the most striking ad wars was when Samsung contrasted its Samsung S3 and iPhone 5 concerning highlights.

Apple didn't take long to answer.

A few years back, Samsung launched a digital campaign drawing comparisons between iPhone and Samsung phones. It is quite evident from the advertisement what Samsung was trying to say. It consistently strides ahead when it came to marketing.

In the other advertisement by Samsung, it makes fun of the Apple iPhone by showcasing what the Samsung phone S4 is capable of.

  • MAC vs PC

This mission had a sum of 66 TV spots that ran from 2006 to 2009. The "I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" characters sent off 1,000 satires. One person plays Mac and different plays PC. The entire promotion is about Mac going after each issue PC had.


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